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Bordon Inclosure

Whitehill Town Council took over the management of Bordon Inclosure on 1st January 2016.  Following the departure of the army in 2015, the site was transformed into a high quality Suitable Natural Greenspace as part of the Quebec Park and Louisburg housing developments.  The entire area is 60 acres with a number of waymarked walks around the site, together with a boardwalk that runs close to the River Wey.

The day-to-day management has been passed to the Deadwater Valley Trust under a service level agreement and funded by developers contributions. The Trust run a full programme of activities, events and volunteering opportunities where local residents can be involved and enjoy the area.

Further details of events and activities can be found at http://www.deadwatervalleytrust.co.uk/

Further details of walks can be found here