Major Grant Aid

For grants of £3,001 and over

Five organisations will receive a grant from Whitehill Town Council as part of the Major Grant Aid scheme to assist with running costs.

A meeting of the Full Council on 18 March 2019 agreed to award grants totalling £61,000 to support these hard working organisations in respect of the work they do for the benefit of all Whitehill & Bordon residents.

Councillors decided that all five organisations were all so incredibly deserving, and of such benefit to the community that monies were vired from general reserves to address any shortfall. Previous Chairman of Council Cllr Mrs Leslie Webber said 'It is a pleasure to be able to support these organisations on behalf of our community'.


  • £10,000 to Citizens Advice East Hampshire to support targeted advice for the most vulnerable residents, and engage additional volunteer advisors based at the Bordon office. 
  • £5,000 to Home-Start Hampshire to extend the work undertaken with families and children. 
  • £25,000 to the Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre to provide affordable and accessible arts for the community of Whitehill and Bordon. 
  • £6,000 to Whitehill and Bordon Community Association for the upkeep of the Forest Community Centre and to promote the use of the facilities. 
  • £15,000 to Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust to support the provision of educational activities at Hogmoor Community Buildings.  

All members agreed to support these worthy causes.

The closing date for applicants seeking funding for 2020/21 is 30 November 2019.

Minor Grant Aid

For grants up to £3,000

Local organisations can apply for a Minor Grant up to £3,000 for projects, equipment and revenue costs which benefit the Whitehill & Bordon Community.

Awards are made in two rounds with closing dates of 31st March and 30th September each year.

The Council has awarded the following grants from its 2019/2020 budget

(Round 1):

Challengers: £500.00 towards running costs to assist with disabled teenagers

Grayshot Cricket Club: £700.00 towards a leaf blowing machine 

Whitehill & Bordon Town Partnership: £1,200.00 towards the cost of rental of premises at their existing location.  


For further details contact

(Round 2) 

Closing date 30th September 2019


For further details contact



Grant Policy and Application Forms

Please click here to download the Grant Aid Policy

Please click here to download the Major Grant Aid Application Form


Applicants should please read the Council's privacy notice and submit the attached consent to hold personal data form with your application. 

Please click here to download the Minor Grant Aid Application Form