Whitehill Town Council are taking the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions as a result of it into consideration for all grants made in 2019-20 and 2020-21 council years.

Therefore, if a grant made during those periods and is not used within an agreed timescale or for a specific purpose as a result of the pandemic and associated restrictions, this will not in itself be a breach of our Terms & Conditions (T&C's.)

Council reserves the right to review and amend its T&C's periodically from time-to-time.

Grant Policy and Application Forms


To download the Grant Aid Policy please use this link - Grant Aid Policy



Grant Aid Monitoring Form



Please click here to download the Major Grant Aid Application Form


Applicants should please read the Council's privacy notice and submit the attached consent to hold personal data form with your application. 


We are currently updating the Minor Grant Application Form – please contact the Whitehill Town Council Office for a copy of the Minor Grant Application Form to meet the 31st March 2022 closing date for applications.

Minor Grant Aid


For grants up to £3,000

Local organisations can apply for a Minor Grant up to £3,000 for projects, equipment and revenue costs which benefit the Whitehill & Bordon community.

Awards are made in two rounds with closing dates of 31st March and 30th September each year.

For further details contact info@whitehilltowncouncil.gov.uk 


Round 1 - March 2021

£3,000 to Whitehill & Bordon Town Partnership - to support the 2021 annual Christmas fair.  


Round 2 - September 2021

£2,143 to Bordon & District Air Training Corps to support the purchase of laptops.  

£350 to Headley All Saints Church for maintenance and upkeep of the Churchyard

£250 to Victim Support to purchase security items such as personal alarms to make people feel safer.  

£1,628 to Weyford Association of staff, parents, and friends PTA for hedgerow trees, outdoor seating and reading and landscaping to prevent tree root erosion and continued mud slides onto the children’s play area.

£629 to Whitehill Village Hall to replace the out of date defibrillator.  




Round 1 - Minor Grants

On 4 May 2021 the Executive Committee awarded £3,000.00 to the Whitehill & Bordon Town Partnership (WBTP). 


Curtis Bone from WBTP said: "After a difficult 2020 for everyone we are grateful to Whitehill Town Council for the grant towards the towns' Christmas event, we are looking to bring back a number of popular attractions for this year and the funding will allow us to that. Who knows we may even see the Leader in a snow globe."  

2019 christmas fair

2019 Christmas Fair at the Forest Community Centre. 

Picture (left to right) 

Cllr Katie Anscomb and Cllr Catherine Clark.  

2019 christmas fair

 2019 Christmas Fair at the Forest Community Centre.


Round 2 - Minor Grants

On 7 October 2021 the Executive Committee awarded the following minor grants; 

Victim Support said: "The Victim Care Service provides free and confidential service support to people affected by crime. Our teams provide individual, independent, emotional and practical help to enable people to cope and recover from the effects of crime. We would like to thank Whitehill Town Council for their donation. These vital funds will be used to purchase security items including personal alarms, door alarms and window alarms, providing reassurance to victims of crime as well as preventing future crimes. To get in touch with us about the support we provide, you can contact us on 0808 178 1641 or go onto our website: https://www.hampshireiowvictimcare.co.uk/"

Alan Waterhouse Chairman of Whitehill Village Hall said: “The Trustees of the hall are extremely pleased and grateful that their recent grant application to WTC has resulted in a grant being awarded toward the cost of replacing and upgrading our defibrillator.”

Major Grant Aid

For grants of £3,001 and over

The Executive Committee approved grant aid to the following organisations for the fantastic work that they contribute to Whitehill & Bordon at the Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday 4 February 2021. 

£10,468.09 - Citizens Advice East Hampshire -  for support in the following:
o Continued targeted support to the most vulnerable in Whitehill & Bordon.
o Continued development of a strategy to meet future demand as regeneration in the town progresses and the Covid pandemic impacts on residents.
o Continued support for current face to face advice services from the Forest Community Centre as well as remote working by phone, email and chat to Whitehill and Bordon residents.
o Building up volunteer numbers based at our Bordon office to be ready for increased demand going forward.
o Specifically, this grant will fund our local Whitehill and Bordon. Advice Service Manager - who support our local volunteers to provide the advice to a high-quality standard as well as the expenses and overall administrative costs of local Whitehill and
o Bordon volunteers and Bordon office.

£4,361.70 - Home-Start Hampshire - for support in the following:
o To enable Home-Start Weywater to continue its valuable work in the community.

£17,466.81 - Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre - for support in the following:
o Continue to provide affordable, accessible and entertaining arts activities in a wide variety of artforms for the whole community of Whitehill & Bordon.
o Events, workshops and exhibitions are based in the 1907 built, former Camp School, which has operated as an arts centre since March 1981.
o Undertake issue-based outreach work on domestic abuse, mental health and work with disability organisations in the local community, bringing our activities to these hard-to-reach groups.
o Develop our work with Whitehill Town Council and other local, potential partner organisations.
o The only full-time, professional arts organisation in the whole of the East Hampshire and we provide a unique range of high-quality events, classes and workshops, all aimed at attracting the widest possible demographic from within the community of Whitehill & Bordon.

£8,723.40 - Whitehill & Bordon Community Association - for support in the following:
o To help cover costs to operate the Forest Community Centre and to help reduce the loss made during the pandemic.


The closing date for applicants seeking funding for 2022/23 is 31 December 2021.

All grant applicants presented to the Executive Committee during the meeting. The Chairman reminded members that the total overall grant budget for the year 2021/2022 (which includes minor grants and the community grant fund) is £54,000 with £41,000 of that allocated for major grant aid. The total amount of major grant aid being requested for the 2021/2022 year from applicants amounts to £47,000. The total amount awarded at the meeting equated to £41,000. All members fully supported each grant applicant.

Cllr Andy Tree (Leader of Council & Chairman of Executive Committee) said:

"Last month (at Executive Committee in Jan 2021) we made it Town Council Policy as part of our four year strategic plan to maintain our overall grant aid budget at £54,000 per annum, with £41,000 being allocated to major grant aid. Major grant aid applications are reviewed once a year by our Executive Committee and we were very pleased to have all four applicants present to us remotely via zoom. We are very happy to have supported these valuable local organisations, who serve our local community, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. We stayed within our budget and provided almost 90% (87.2%) of what each applicant requested, against the backdrop of having a smaller council tax increase (our town council ‘precept’ share of council tax) than the previous year, further demonstrating our financial astuteness and probity as a town council."

Curtis Bone (Chairman of Whitehill & Bordon Community Association) said: "After a hard year for community venues, Whitehill & Bordon Community Association really appreciate the support given by Whitehill Town Council. The funding not only helps us to continue through these difficult times but also puts us in a strong position to reopen as soon as we can. We have big plans for the Centre, some big news coming and look out for exciting entertainment announcements throughout the year, the funding allows us to push forward with these."

Angela Small (Family Coordinator for Home-Start Hampshire) said: "We have continued to adjust how we work with families since last March with the different restrictions placed on us. We have completed remote training sessions for new volunteers and interestingly with the current situation we have had a lot more people express an interest in volunteering which is fantastic. Families have been offered one to one distanced walks, phone support or zoom, whatever works for them, especially if they have been trying to home school. Our family group in Bordon, before this lockdown and after the first lockdown made a decision to meet in the Hogmoor Inclosure or the Bordon Inclosure come rain or shine and this was greatly appreciated by the families who attended."

Rob AIlerston (Director of the Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre) said: "The darkest of times for the Arts I’m delighted and excited by the faith Whitehill Town Council has shown with their awarding of a Major Grant last night. The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre is the creative heart for the community of Whitehill & Bordon, and with issue-based projects in the pipeline to combat poor mental health, isolation and domestic abuse, it’s clear we’re more than just a preferred venue for famous comedians."

Helen Drake (Chief Executive of Citizens Advice East Hampshire) said: "Citizens Advice in Whitehill and Bordon gives thanks to Whitehill Town Council for their grant this year. Every penny and pound of this will help us support local Whitehill and Bordon residents with the problems they may face over the coming challenging year as we come out of the Covid pandemic - whether dealing with redundancy, balancing their finances to afford to pay rent, bills and buy food and claiming benefits, perhaps for the first time. We urge local residents who have any practical problem such as these to get in touch with us - all details are on our website https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/east-hampshire/ "