Greenspace Sub Committee

 Chairman: Cllr T Strickland | Vice Chairman: Cllr K Anscomb

The Greenspace Sub Committee terms of reference state that the Committee shall:


  • The management and maintenance of the Bordon Inclosure (A Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space, SANG) to include the management and monitoring of the financial resources provided.

  • The management and monitoring of the effectiveness of the SANG & Strategic Access Management and Monitoring (SAMM).

  • The monitoring of the services of the Deadwater Valley Trust on the Bordon Inclosure.

  • The management of the Special Protection Areas requirements as shown in section 6.6 of the Town Council’s Business plan to include the SANG management plan for access management of Broxhead and Kingsley Commons (under the SAMM arrangements agreed with Natural England and East Hampshire District Council).

  • To consider the Town Council’s approach to other green space that may be devolved to the Town Council and the management of any developer’s contributions received and make any recommendations to a full meeting of Council.

  • To receive appropriate reports from external representatives on relevant matters to the areas of work of this Sub Committee.

  • To invite wider stakeholders to meetings of the Sub Committee to contribute to discussions.

  • Be empowered to liaise with anybody, organisation or department of any local authority, utility board or other stakeholders on any matter within the Sub Committee’s area of responsibility.
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