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Dear Resident,

Welcome  to the Whitehill Town Council website. which I hope you will find useful.

Our Town Council covers the Parish of Whitehill which includes both Bordon and Whitehill.

Being Leader is a difficult juggling act in terms of working with other third parties in a proactive way to achieve results through cooperation, whilst knowing when to robustly challenge on behalf of the community. I hope the Town Council will have a good working relationship with third parties moving forward, but they need to deliver on expectations and we must have the infrastructure that comes with development.

The Town Council is the First Tier of Local Government - operating at "grass roots" level.

Our key roles are to:

  • Manage many of our town's amenities, namely

            o 12 areas of parks and open spaces, including 3 play areas, the BMX track and the skate park.

            o Mill Chase Pavilion, sports pitches and the fitness trail.

            o 2 Allotment sites

            o The War Memorial

            o Much of the town's street furniture (a responsibility shared with EHDC) including benches, bus shelters, litter bins, gates and fencing.

            o Savile Crescent Boardwalk and Hollybrook Pond and dipping platform.

         o Bordon Inclosure and The Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve. 


               Please do get in contact with the office if you notice a problem with any of these amenities.

  • Review planning applications and report our view back to the planning authority. The majority of the area falls within East Hampshire District Council, but there is a small pocket within the South Downs National Park.
  • Represent your views to other third-party organisations e.g East Hampshire District Council through XChange group, NHS via Clinical Commissioning Group and Police through Community Partnership Meeting.
  • Communicate effectively with residents across Whitehill & Bordon e.g. through Social Media, newsletters and our face-to-face meetings.

We relish the challenges ahead and please do get in touch if you need anything.

 Leader of the Council sign off

Cllr Andy Tree

Leader of the Council

Deputy Leader

The Deputy Leader of the Council elected at the Annual Council Meeting on 13 May 2021 is Cllr Tina Strickland.

Leader, Deputy, Mayor, Deptuty