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Left to right: Cllr Andy Tree (Leader), Cllr Catherine Clark (Mayor), Cllr Leeroy Scott (Deputy Mayor), Bisi Kennard (Deputy Leader)

The Town Mayor is the Chairman of the Council who acts as the Town Council's ceremonial representative at official events. He or she will act with the authority of, and be responsible to, the Town Council. The position of Town Mayor is a non-political, civic role.

The position of Mayor confers no additional advantages or authority other than the honour of representing the town of Whitehill & Bordon and acting as its first citizen.

In the absence of the Town Mayor, The Deputy Town Mayor will carry out all duties normally performed by the Town Mayor, as Vice Chairman of the Council.

The Leader is political spokesman of the Council. The Leader works closely with the Town Clerk and acts as their Line Manager. As no single Councillor in a local council can have executive powers, the Leader liaises with officers regularly regarding decisions that have been delegated to them to ensure the smooth running of the Council.