Policy & Resources Committee


Chairman: Cllr Mark Davison (Leader)  |   Vice Chairman: Cllr Sally Pond (Deputy Leader)

The Policy & Resources Committee meets approximately every six weeks and has responsibility for:


  • Be responsible for the monitoring of the budgets of the Council to ensure expenditure is within the budgetary limits and income is being met, as agreed by Council.
  • Consider and agree any proposed budget virements.
  • Monitor the bank balances, general reserves and investments/deposits of the Council.
  • Determine and monitor ear marked reserves and consider amendments when appropriate.
  • Responsible for the investment strategy of the Council and agreeing to new investments/deposits.
  • Monitor and agree arrangements for required Council insurances.
  • Be responsible for determining minor grant applications within its budgetary limits and within the approved grant aid policy.
  • Host a finance/budget workshop in October each year, prior to the formulation of the draft budget and precept request for the ensuing year.
  • To be responsible for the corporate development of Council policies to be recommended to full Council for adoption.
  • To be responsible for the Policy & Resources Committee workstream in the Council’s Strategic Plan and some priorities in the Maximising Opportunities Workstream. (Note that the Advisory Policy Group takes responsibility for reviewing the plan on a quarterly basis. Should a committee Chairman be unavailable, then the Vice Chairman should attend).
  • Have the power to respond to corporate consultations from outside agencies.
  • Responsibility for sub committees with their own delegated functions.
  • Responsibility for working parties with their own delegated functions.
  • To invite external agencies to give presentations to meetings to develop polices.
  • Be empowered to liaise with anybody, organisation or department of any local authority or utility board on any matter within the Committee’s area of responsibility.