First Aid Training

Published: 17 December 2019

On Mon 25th Nov 2019, a first aid training session was held at Whitehill Town Council offices.

David Lee (Chairman of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) of Badgerswood and Forest Surgeries) led the session with the assistance of Marcia Hammond.

David Lee said:

“We tend to run courses once every 2 months depending on demand and vary these morning, afternoon and evening and different days of the week to try to accommodate everyone. Dr Anthony Leung frequently helps us especially with the training of the children. All our courses are free although a small donation to cover costs of hall hire and consumables is always welcome. We have now trained over 500 people locally including about 200 children aged 8 to 11. All courses are run to the standard set by the Resuscitation Council UK of which I am a member and all attendees receive a certificate. If you want to get in touch with me my email is"

Andy Tree (Leader of Whitehill Town Council) said:

"We were very grateful to receive first aid training from David and Marcia, so the local community can rely on us to know what to do if ever needed! I was shocked to hear that on the streets of the UK, a person has only a 5% chance of surviving if their heart stops, whereas in Seattle the survival rate is 65%! We were told that this is as a direct result of differences in first aid training and availability of defibrillators! I would urge everyone to get first aid training."
David Lee also said: "If someone who is skilled in resuscitation arrives within 2 minutes and a defibrillator is available within 4 minutes, a patient has a 65% chance of survival."

David Lee has confirmed that defibrillators in our area can be found at:
Whitehill & Bordon: Forest Surgery, Pinehill Surgery, Forest Community Centre, Phoenix Theatre, Country Market, Tesco, Mill Chase Leisure Centre, Chalet Hill dental surgery and Blackmoor Golf Course inside the foyer.
Lindford: Near Spar, round the corner from the Royal Exchange pub restaurant.
Headley: The phone box near The Holly Bush, The Sports Centre and Badgerswood Surgery.

The full release can be found on this page.