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Elections 2019 - District, Town and Parish


See who is standing for election as a Town Councillor and a District Councillor below or via the East Hampshire District Council Elections page


Election of District Councillors

Whitehill Chase

/_UserFiles/Files/District - Whitehill Chase SPN.pdf

Whitehill Pinewood 

/_UserFiles/Files/Town - Whitehill Pinewood town SPN.pdf 

Whitehill Hogmoor & Greatham

 /_UserFiles/Files/District - Whitehill Hogmoor and Greatham SPN.pdf



Election of Town Councillors 

Whitehill Chase  

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Whitehill Pinewood

/_UserFiles/Files/Town - Whitehill Pinewood town SPN.pdf

Whitehill Hogmoor

/_UserFiles/Files/Town - Whitehill Hogmoor Town SPN.pdf 

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03.04.19 Nominations for the District, Town and Parish Elections are available to view at http://www.easthants.gov.uk/elections-may-2019 

22.03.19 District, Town and Parish Election information is available to view online at http://www.easthants.gov.uk/elections-may-2019.  

06.03.19 - The new Newsletter is now out! Click on the link to view.   /_UserFiles/Files/Whitehill Town Council Newsletter Edition 7 March 19.pdf  

21.05.18 - New positions were elected at the Annual Town Council Meeting held on 21st May - Cllr Mrs Leslie Webber as Mayor, Cllr Colin Leach as Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mark Davison as Leader and Cllr Miss Sally Pond as Deputy Leader.

16.05.18 - The Whitehill Town Council Annual Meeting will be held on Monday 21st May at 7.30pm in the Forest Community Centre, where Councillor positions will be elected for the ensuing year ....(READ MORE) 

11.05.18 - Whitehill Town Council takes part in the Great Plastic Pick up ...(READ MORE) 

01.05.18 - The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre was almost full on Wednesday 27th April for Whitehill & Bordon’s Annual Town Meeting which highlighted the town’s “proud past and exciting future”. Read More... 

26.04.18 - Four organisations will receive a grant from Whitehill Town Council as part of its Minor Grant Aid scheme to help with running costs ....(READ MORE)  


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