Longmoor Ranges Information

To view the timings when Longmoor ranges are in use for firing and training exercises, visit the South East training estate firing times page on the gov.uk website

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/south-east-training-estate-firing-times to find these.

The Longmoor and Bordon areas are the historic home of ‘railway’ soldiers. The original railway line was built to move a complete camp from Longmoor to Bordon in the early 1900s. From this relatively minor start the British Army’s railway transport system was built which was to develop into a major railway artery during the Second World War. The centre was disbanded in 1969 but there is still much evidence of it in the form of buildings and memorabilia. Military hardware is to be found on many of the Home Counties sites: a remnant of an Abbott self-propelled gun (of Cold War vintage) is to be found in the Longmoor area, alongside 2 Chieftain tanks. These weapons are still used as training aids and visitors should look but not touch. This especially applies to children: though attractive, these old vehicles hold many traps. They were never designed as playthings or climbing frames; they are dangerous.

Information on Public Access to Longmoor can be viewed by downloading the Public Information leaflet or you can click on the image below.

Respect the Range

The army may have left the Whitehill & Bordon, but Longmoor Ranges are still very much still an active training area.


The MOD / DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) have produced a short informative video to enhance the public’s awareness to the dangers of using the Military Training Areas when the Military are training.