Community litter pick 16 September 2023 poster

The community litter pick will take place on Saturday 16 September 2023 at 10am. 

To take part and volunteer please read the guidance notes below and complete the online form.



Volunteer Litter Picking Guidance Notes

Thank you for your support in helping to keep Whitehill & Bordon Town clear of litter.  We really do value the support that community events provide to our routine services.

Please read this document fully.

Because litter picking can be a hazardous activity in some locations, in order to make your event as enjoyable and safe as possible, we ask that the following health and safety advice be adhered to. Please make sure all volunteers are aware of the risks before an event takes place.

Prior to any event it is important that the lead volunteer assesses any potential risks and hazards which may need to be avoided on the day.

Top tips for a Safe Event

  • Do not enter any restricted areas such as road works or where the public do not have a right of entry.
  • Litter picking near roads should be restricted to wide verges or pavements, suitable for pedestrians, and should be carried out facing oncoming traffic.
  • It is essential that volunteers are visible to road users, for that reason, hi-visibility waistcoats must be worn, and litter picks should only take place in clear daylight.
  • Volunteers should not attempt to clear litter from the carriageway.
  • If volunteers are litter picking on roads, they should work on one side to avoid excess crossing.
  • Avoid reaching into hedges or undergrowth in such a way as to expose the face, eyes and skin to scratches from thorns or branches.
  • Avoid working next to rivers or steep slopes as there is an increased risk of slips and falls.
  • Be mindful of wildlife. In the Spring time, avoid disturbing animals and birds that may be nesting and in the Summer time be wary of wasp and bee nests. Volunteers should avoid areas contaminated by rats: Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) is a very rare infection carried in rats’ urine and can be fatal. To minimize risk of an accident, if an item of litter cannot be safely reached with a litter picker, leave it.
  • If there is any doubt about the safety of a site or material, then it should be avoided and advice taken from WTC staff.
  • Any injuries to be reported to WTC staff immediately. First Aid kit is available with WTC staff. WTC Staff can be contacted on 07483 952360 or 07311 396319
  • Always work in pairs if possible.
  • Children to be supervised at all times.

 The following equipment is used at all times when carrying out a litter pick:

  • Gloves – to remove the risk of exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Reflective hi-visibility long sleeved jackets – to make sure volunteers are highly visible to both traffic and pedestrians.
  • Litter pickers – to reduce risk of injury sustained from repetitive bending and remove risk of any direct contact with litter/hazardous materials.
  • Appropriate footwear – Strong boots/shoes which have adequate grip and support to prevent slips/falls. This is especially important in winter months when ice may pose a threat.
  • Mobile phones (where possible) & First aid kits – in case of emergency.
  • Suitable outdoor/weather appropriate clothing – as not to expose any bare areas of skin to hazards, whether that is from noxious or dangerous materials or the weather itself (sunburn).
  • We advise all volunteers to take bottled water to avoid dehydration during the event.

Items to be avoided

If you come across any of the following items leave them where they are, record the location and inform the Council who will arrange removal.

  • Broken glass and nails – Avoid direct hand contact – remove using a litter picker and dispose of in a solid container NOT a plastic bag.
  • Drug related litter/hypodermics – Needles should under no circumstances be picked up/touched.
  • Suspect materials – Batteries, asbestos, miscellaneous chemicals or Fly-tipping.
  • Do not overfill bags – there are plenty available.
  • Do not lift any heavy items, seek advice from WTC staff.
  • Do not intrude on private property to retrieve litter.


Volunteers should not participate in litter picks unless they understand and accept that participation is entirely at their own risk. Volunteers are not working for, or on behalf of Whitehill Town Council, therefore the Council will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injuries or inconvenience caused as a result of the actions and omissions of volunteers or this guidance.


    Where shall I meet the rest of the team?

    Meeting point is at Saville Crescent Allotments at 9:50am on Saturday 16 September with the litter pick commencing at 10:00am.

    What shall I wear?
    Wear sensible footwear and clothing. Just in case we experience British weather at its finest bring waterproof clothing too!
    Participants will  be issued your hi-vis vest, litter stick, gloves, rubbish bag and safety briefing.

    Will I receive any instructions?
    You will be given a safety briefing before you start.

    If you are no longer able to attend:
    If you are unable to attend, please do let us know as soon as possible.
    Or if you are unable to locate the team, please call 07483 952360.