Chairman: Cllr Andy Tree (Leader of Council) | Vice Chairman: Cllr Catherine Clark (Deputy Leader of Council)

The Executive Committee Terms of Reference state that the Committee shall:

  • The Executive Committee shall have the authority to deal with all Council matters other than those that may not be delegated by law or have from time-to-time been delegated by Council to another Committee or Officer.
  • The Executive Committee shall make recommendations to Council on matters that cannot legally be delegated to it by Council, excluding any matters that have been delegated to another Committee or Officer.
  • The Executive Committee is empowered through its Chairman (and Vice Chairman in absence of its Chairman) to liaise with anybody, organisation or department of any local authority or utility board on any matter within the Committee’s area of responsibility.
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Thu 7th Dec, 2023Executive Committee MeetingNA
Thu 9th Nov, 2023Executive Committee MeetingNA
Thu 12th Oct, 2023Executive Committee MeetingNA
Thu 7th Sep, 2023Executive Committee MeetingNA
Thu 6th Jul, 2023Executive Committee MeetingNA
Thu 15th Jun, 2023Executive Committee MeetingNA
Thu 13th Apr, 2023Executive Committee Meeting DownloadView All
Thu 9th Mar, 2023Executive Committee Meeting Download DownloadView All
Thu 9th Feb, 2023Executive Committee Meeting Download DownloadView All
Thu 12th Jan, 2023Executive Committee Meeting Download DownloadView All