Whitehill Town Council (15 elected Members) covers three wards across the Parish of Whitehill. Council candidates may stand under political party tickets and at the last election on 2 May 2019, candidates representing the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party won all 15 seats. The Town Council is a separate legal entity to any political party represented on it. As a ‘body corporate’ (LGA 1972 s.14) formal decisions about the discharge of a council’s functions and associated responsibilities must be made at meetings of the full council; or with delegated authority, by a committee, a sub-committee or council officer (LGA 1972 s.101 (1)).

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council are elected from members at the Annual Council meeting. As a Town Council, the Chairman is the Town Mayor and the Vice-Chairman is the Deputy Town Mayor. The Town Council currently meets in full four times a year. The Town Mayor is ceremonial first citizen of the town and civic non-political representative of the parish. The current Town Mayor is Cllr James Fryer.

The Leader and Deputy Leader of Council are elected from members at the Annual Council meeting. Whitehill Town Council has resolved to delegate most decisions to its Executive Committee, which has six members and usually meets at least once a month. Under standing orders, the Leader of Council is automatically Chairman of the Executive Committee. The current Leader of Council is Cllr Andy Tree, who is also Leader of the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party. The Executive Committee deals with Council Policy, Finance and Amenities.

A Planning Sub-Committee and Greenspace Sub-Committee in turn have delegated authority from the Executive Committee. These sub-committees elect their own Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Planning Sub-Committee reviews all planning applications at the request of East Hampshire District Council and South Downs National Park and forwards comments to both to support their decisions.
Greenspace Sub-Committee is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Bordon Inclosure (A Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace, SANG) and the management and monitoring of the effectiveness of the SANG to reduce damage to the special protected area (SPA’s) of Kingsley and Broxhead Commons.

Legislation permits Whitehill Town Council to delegate the performance of it statutory and legal responsibilities to; a committee, a sub-committee, an officer or another authority.

The Council works in partnership with community groups, voluntary organisations and other local authorities, including neighbouring local councils, to benefit the community.