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Linda Delve, Yee Gan Ong, Kirsty Mitchell and Adeel Shah were co-opted onto Whitehill Town Council 12 Jan 2022.


Cllr Andy Tree (Leader of Whitehill Town Council) says:

“With so many important changes facing Whitehill & Bordon, I am proud to have such high calibre members strengthen what is already an amazing and dedicated team!

We strive to be the voice of our community with the powers above and to work on local projects to benefit fellow residents.


Health Provision is a NUMBER ONE priority and having Yee Gan Ong as a NHS doctor in the team will greatly enhance our ability to interact with the local NHS over local concerns, fighting for facilities we deserve! Linda has already championed Climate Awareness as a volunteer working with Town Council. Adeel Shah and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to which he belongs did a litter pick around the Forest Centre early on New Years Day, which made it into the Bordon Herald edition of 12 Jan! Kirsty in her own words has an interest in everything and is strong and focused!



“I’m already working in the local community on various projects with other groups and we have more in the pipeline. I’m a self-employed Foot Health Practitioner and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. My background is Finance/HR/PA and trained with ACAS. I’ve implemented Investors in People. I’m a good team player, but, also happy to work alone. I’ve helped to organise monthly Foot Health sessions with Forest Community Centre. My work ethic is Listen, Review, Take Action!”



“My son, dog and I have been residents of Whitehill and Bordon for the past four years. As a single parent with a young son, the environment in which my family live has become increasingly important to me and I am keen to in some way play a part in developing that environment. From clean, safe and open spaces to transportation, employment, medical facilities and sustainability – I have an interest in everything, not just for myself and my family, but for everyone in the community. I would very much like the opportunity to serve the residents of Hogmoor and the greater town as a whole and contribute to the excellent work of Whitehill Town Council.”



“My wife and I have lived in Whitehill since 2016. I would like to be involved in helping our town to improve and grow. I believe it has great potential with the planned regeneration. I am an NHS hospital doctor and I helped Andy Tree with some of the health messaging over the covid period. With my background in healthcare, I can help with health matters that might arise in the town council and other local health issues”



“I am a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I am Based mainly in Bordon but I also work throughout the UK (and the world) with the community, having worked in Ghana, sub-continent and other European countries too. In Bordon I have assisted with Poppy Appeal collections and we did a street cleaning programme on New Year’s Day! I look forward to many more charitable programmes in the future.”


‘Co-option’ involves the councillors themselves voting to fill vacancies, where in six months before the next ordinary local elections, no by-elections are called.



Leader of the Council New Year Message

Cllr Andy Tree, Leader of the Council, New Year Message


It has been another year of ups and downs! The Covid situation thankfully became much better but we have seen national issues such as War in Ukraine, inflation and ‘cost of living crisis’ directly affecting local matters. I remain cautiously optimistic that the new Morrisons will start being built this year but still fighting for adequate Health Facility proposals to come forward, as we understand having excellent Health Services is a number one priority for residents and I will continue to lobby those in power to deliver.


I am proud that we as a town council made some real ‘grassroots’ community differences this year, such as funding the Platinum Jubilee Festival at Mill Chase Recreation Ground and creating ‘Woody’s Walk’ in honour of Brian Wood MC.


I am pleased to say that we have frozen our share of council tax per household for the second year running for 2023-24, whilst supporting valuable local organisations that benefit residents with grants, including: Phoenix Theatre, Citizens Advice, Community Association (Town Partnership) and Homestart. We also continue to protect the Greenspaces we control including Bordon Inclosure and Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve, where a new ten-year service contact awarded to Deadwater Valley Trust to manage them has started positively.


The Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a very strange time, given the continuity of her reign for the vast majority of us. I went to Buckingham Palace and laid flowers on behalf of Whitehill & Bordon residents in our parish.


I see regular posts on social media asking for help or advice, with many kind offers of assistance that follow. I still speak regularly to the police about vandalism and anti-social behaviour, but the positive thoughtfulness of our community far outweighs the negatives and I love living here.


I thank all fifteen town councillors who have served and all our council employees, who implement the policies of the council on a day-to-day basis as the backbone of our operation! My friend and colleague Councillor Leeroy Scott has been a superb Town Mayor, representing our Council and Community and I very much look forward to his Charity Valentine Gala is on Thursday 16 February 2023 at the Forest Community Centre. Tickets can be booked using this link: https://bit.ly/leeroygala


I remain committed to representing our community, trying to work with third party decision-makers to achieve results but never shying away from robustly standing up for you when required!

Best wishes to all residents for 2023!

Town Mayor in front of Christmas lights on Chalet Hill
Town Mayor Christmas Message

Town Mayor, Cllr Leeroy Scott, Christmas Message

It has been a great honour to be your Town Mayor since May of this year and it has certainly been a whirlwind of activity and events so far! Thank you for inviting me to join you in celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and I have enjoyed taking part in many local school and community events. It was with great sadness that I heard of the Queen’s death and a privilege to represent the Town in marking her passing and announcing the succession of King Charles.

Recently, it was my pleasure to switch on the Christmas light display funded by the Town Council. Even though we have fewer lights this year to try and save on costs, they are looking wonderful during the cold winter evenings.

It has been wonderful, after the previous two years where many of us felt isolated and alone, to come together as a community on so many occasions, the experiences will create memories that will last for me and I am sure many of you well beyond this year.

I would also like to give special thanks to the Whitehill Town Officers for the tireless work they have done this year, often behind the scenes, to ensure the Town Council runs smoothly. I am particularly grateful to Helen, my PA, who joined the team just this year and has already shown great dedication and patience as she has me as her first Mayor to support!

I must say a big thank you to my fellow Councillors and Leader of the council, Andy Tree, it’s been a pleasure working with you all this year.

I would like to welcome the many people who have made Whitehill and Bordon their home this year. I am proud that our community is a welcoming one which values diversity and embraces people: young and old, rich or poor, from all faiths, cultures and nationalities. We have forged even closer ties with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, opened our homes to Ukrainian refugees and supported our neighbours in challenging times.

My heartfelt thanks go to the many good and kind people of our community who give their time and resources to others in need, often without fuss or fanfare. With this generosity in mind, I would like you to join me on the 16th February 2O23 to fundraise for my chosen charities: The Food Bank and Chloe and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund. Bring your loved ones to my Valentine’s Gala with a Live Band, food and a bar.

Tickets can be booked online: https://bit.ly/leeroygala.

Please continue to take care of yourselves, look after others and have a healthy and happy Christmas and New Year.

God bless,


Cllr Leeroy Scott

Town Mayor of Whitehill and Bordon

Christmas Stag lit up

Christmas Light Switch on 2022

On Friday 25 November 2022 at 5pm the Town Mayor, Cllr Leeroy Scott, switched on the Christmas lights at the top of Chalet Hill which are provided by Whitehill Town Council.

The Christmas trees situated in the planters at either end of the town were also turned on, as well as the Christmas Stag located outside the SiGNAL Village on Camp Road.

Cllr Scott said: “I’m so excited to welcome you all here tonight, either in person or watching online.  Last year’s lights display were a real success and so we wanted to mark the beginning of the Christmas period again, with our new town tradition of our Christmas lights switch on.”

Leader of the Council, Cllr Andy Tree said: “We as a town council continue to keep the promise we made for Whitehill & Bordon to have Christmas lights, following town council election of 2019. We started small with this in 2020 and put up more in 2021, including along Chalet Hill and the lit-up Christmas Stag located outside on Camp Road, near Kildare Road. Thank you to our officers for organising putting them up and the switch on event.”

Cllr Scott went on to say: “We realise that times are hard and people are struggling this year and you could help to support one of my chosen two charities which are the Bordon Food Bank and Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund.”

“If you would like to help these charities in some way and you have some spare money, The Bordon Food Bank is asking for Tesco vouchers in preference of food donations, please give these to Sian Manning at Community Trust – they would appreciate your donation, however small “Every little helps!”

The Mayor is also holding a Charity Dinner to raise money for these causes.

The switch on was livestreamed via the Town Council Facebook page and is able to be watched back:  https://fb.watch/h4fP3wHERh/

Christmas Stag lit up Town Mayor in front of Christmas lights on Chalet Hill Christmas lights on Chalet Hill Christmas lights on Chalet Hill Town Mayor with buzzer and Christmas lights

white and black no smoking sign


Information provided by Hampshire County Council (HCC), to include works by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSE) from November 2022 and HCC work scheduled from December 2022.

Who can I contact about SSE works:
Peter Drackett
Tel: 077678 51535

Who can I contact about Arrival Square works
Hampshire County Council:
Email: whitehillandbordon@hants.gov.uk and quote ‘Arrival Square’ in the subject line. Please also copy in andy.tree@hants.gov.uk so Cllr Tree can be aware and chase up any reply.
Tel: 0300 555 1388

Comment from Andy Tree, as representative of Whitehill, Bordon & Lindford:
“I asked why SSE and HCC works could not happen at same time, but was told different contracts and liability and it would not be possible to combine, which is frustrating.
I was consulted on the 3 options for the HCC road closure, on basis it MUST happen before the new Morrisons can open, under EHDC planning permission, outside scope of my control. I wanted the least most inconvenient option, given how much of a pain this will be to us all, including me! The first option was to close the road completely. The second option was to have traffic lights both ways. Third option was a one-way system. I believe the third option is the least-worst! I also advised for any diverted traffic to be routed round the quickest route, or people would be frustrated and ignore official signs anyway. This allows a continuous flow of traffic. I wanted to give everyone the ‘heads-up’, hence this post.”

HCC officers will present this to the Town Council Executive Committee at 7pm on 10th Nov at Forest Community Centre, where our members can provide additional feedback to them. This is a public meeting that can also be attended by zoom and details can be requested from info@whitehilltowncouncil.gov.uk.

Summary of the Arrival Square Works: Where is Arrival Square?
• Arrival Square is the area at the top of Chalet Hill and includes the section of the High Street between the pedestrian crossing (outside Coral) and the roundabout at Budds Lane. Arrival Square Plan

What are the works that are happening?
• The existing carriageway between Chalet Hill and Budds Lane will be narrowed to 6 meters to allow for a new bus lay-by and realigned kerbing on the west verge (town centre side).
• Construction of a mini-roundabout to replace the existing traffic signal junction (this will mirror the mini-roundabout at the Budds Lane junction)
• Controlled Parallel crossings (similar to a zebra crossing but have allowance for cyclists) will be provided north of the Chalet Hill junction and South of the Budds Lane junction to enable safe crossing of pedestrians & cyclists from east to west.
• Traffic light controlled crossing south of Chalet Hill (similar location to existing crossing) to
provide safe access to the leisure centre, shed and new town centre.
• Improvements to the condition of the highway including street lighting, carriageway and footway surfacing and highway drainage.

Why are the works happening?
• The road works are a condition of the Planning Permission that was granted for the new town centre, none of the shops can be occupied until the highway improvement works are completed.
• It will also connect residents living in the existing housing development to the new town centre development.
• It will make it easier to access the new town centre for residents wishing to walk and cycle.

When are they happening?
• The Hampshire County Council works are anticipated to start on the Monday 5 December 2022 for approximately 6 months. HOWEVER, SSE will be working along the High Street from the 7 November until 4 December (approximately) to lay ducting in preparation for the High Volt Cable that is being laid throughout Bordon in 2023. The Hampshire County Council start date is dependent on the progress of the SSE works and discussion with the awarded contractor.

(SEE have stated: As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a quality service and improve supply reliability, we will be investing in the network in your area. Our works will commence on 7th November 2022 and be completed on the 5th December 2022. The route of works will incorporate Chalet Hill, The High Street and Budds Lane. Traffic management will be in place however, routes will remain open at all times for residents and businesses and access to properties will be maintained. We will do everything possible to ensure that we complete our works on schedule. However, we hope you will appreciate that site conditions may cause some adjustment to this plan and if this is the case, we will aim to let you know as soon as possible.”)

Why are SSE working before HCC?
• During 2023 SSE will be installing a new substation in Bordon and as part of this, SSE will need to lay High Volt cables to link the incoming route to the new sub station and the existing sub station. HCC have asked SSE to bring their works for the High Street forward to avoid SSE having to cause further disruption to residents and businesses later in 2023 in the same area and digging up the newly re-laid road surface.

What is the Traffic Management during the County Council’s element of the road works? And why?
• SSE will be working under temporary traffic lights and a lane closure.
• Hampshire County Council’s contractor will be working with a one way system and traffic will only be able to travel in a northbound direction (towards Farnham). All southbound traffic at the point of meeting the Budds Lane mini-roundabout will be diverted along Budds Lane, Havannah Way, to the A325 Relief Road and coming back into Bordon through Whitehill. The diversion route is shown on map 1 at the bottom.
• Managing the Hampshire County Council works under a one way system, aims to minimise disruption but still allows a safe working environment for the contractors.
• The option for a full closure was considered because it is the safest and most practical work environment, however it would potentially cause additional disruption and inconvenience to local residents and businesses. Therefore, a decision was made to minimise the disruption. and have a full lane closure with traffic only allowed to travel through the site in a north bound direction
(towards Farnham).

Who can I contact about SSE works:
Peter Drackett
Tel: 077678 51535

Who can I contact about Arrival Square works
Hampshire County Council:
Email: whitehillandbordon@hants.gov.uk and quote ‘Arrival Square’ in the subject line. Please also copy in andy.tree@hants.gov.uk so Cllr Tree can be aware and chase up any reply.
Tel: 0300 555 1388

The Green Loop in Whitehill & Bordon

The Green Loop Drone video – Whitehill & Bordon


A video of Whitehill & Bordon’s Green Loop has been created to encourage residents and visitors to make use of the award-winning network of paths.
Filmed using drone technology, the video shows off the wooded glades, natural landscapes and way-finding features that make the loop such an attraction.

The film is a joint initiative led by Whitehill Town Council in partnership with Hampshire County Council, East Hampshire District Council, Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company.
Whitehill & Bordon’s Green Loop is 7km long encircling the town connecting the existing and new areas of the town together.

Promoting health by enabling active travel such as walking, cycling and accessible access is also a key factor of the Green Loop and the drone footage will further enhance this whilst showcasing the natural beauty of the town’s greenspaces.

The inter-connectivity of the Loop reduces car dependency in the area with links to local businesses and schools enabling people to walk rather than drive.




Valentine Gala Poster

Mayor’s Charity Dinner – Leeroy’s Valentine Gala – Thursday 16 February


The Whitehill Town Council Mayor holds an annual event to raise money for a chosen charity each year.  This year, The Mayor’s charities are Bordon Food Bank and Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund .

Leeroy’s Valentine Gala is on Thursday 16 February 2023 at the Forest Community Centre, Pinehill Road, Whitehill GU35 0BS.  Doors open at 7pm.  Dress code is smart casual.  There will be a complimentary drink on arrival and the ticket includes food and entertainment.  There will be a raffle to raise funds for the Mayor’s charities, and drinks will be available at the bar.

Book your tickets via this link:


Charity Logo

Charity Donations from Experience Days

We are grateful to the Experience Days Charity Scheme for donating a voucher for the Mayor’s Charity Dinner Raffle.  Experience Days offer a wide range of experiences from people aged 9 to 90 years old.  For more information about their charity scheme, please see https://www.experiencedays.co.uk/charity-scheme



dog walker licence

Are you a commercial dog walker?

dog walker licence

Are you a commercial dog walker?

All commercial dog walkers must apply and pay for a licence to walk dogs on MOD land.

Applicants must attend a safety briefing at Longmoor Camp prior to the issue of a licence.

For further information and to pay and apply, please email Karen Howard at Landmarc Solutions:


or visit https://www.landmarcsolutions.com/

Group Picture of Leeroy Scott, Mike Steevens, Ben Shepard, Brian Wood, Ryan Brudenell and Andy Tree

Woody’s Walk Mural in Honour of Brian Wood MC

On Wednesday 28 September, The Town Mayor Leeroy Scott and Ben Shephard (television personality), Cllr Mike Steevens (main organiser) and County Cllr Andy Tree who helped by awarding grant funding, attended the opening ceremony for the official unveiling of “Woody’s Walk” in front of Brian Wood and his friends and family.  Pupils from Woodlea School walked Brian towards the mural which is located in the underpass near Café 1759.


Brian Wood MC veteran has raised more than £168,000 after completing 25 marathons in 25 days in aid of the Armed Forces. He was a former solider in the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment, where during his service in Iraq, he led the first bayonet charge in 25 years in the battle of Danny Boy, he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry.  The mural, Woody’s Walk, was commissioned in recognition of what his achievements mean to his friends, family and residents of the town.  Administrative support for the commissioning of the mural was provided by Whitehill Town Council’s Town Clerk Lorraine Jeffs.


Councillor Mike Steevens was approached by a local resident Karsten Waller who came up with the initial idea to do the mural, in conjunction with local artist Ryan Brudenell who between them came up with a design plan.


Mike has worked tirelessly on this project to include getting the sponsorship donations together by approaching successful local business, people he knows through working as a taxi driver for nearly 30 years.


Sponsorship Support for the mural (Woody’s Walk):

  • Motor Parts Direct – Sam Hawkins
  • Blackmoor Golf Club
  • Instal air con – Darren Cox
  • Brosley Roofing – Allan Keet
  • Tasty Buns & Passfield Stores – Jason Toovey
  • Strudwick Property Services – Nick Strudwick
  • Telfair Construction Danny Mc Garry & Russ Smith
  • Forest Motors – Tom and Kevan Shackleton,
  • AJL cars –  Mike Steevens, Alison & Ken
  • Boxhall Roofing – Bob Kingshott & Tim Harrington
  • 2020 scaffolding
  • Andy Pullen did the undercoat and glaze
  • Southdowns Signs – Hannah Caughey
  • County Councillor grant funding awarded by Cllr Andy Tree
  • Abri Café 1759 – Provided the refreshments for the opening ceremony
  • Alliance facilities management Adrian and Hilary Hollis


Mike would like to thank the local artist Ryan Brudenell who had the vision, created the designs and has put lots of hours into painting the mural.


Quote from Brian Wood:

“For me it’s a just real honour, I never expected such a tribute I don’t think I deserve it to be honest and coming out and seeing so many members of the community, it’s just overwhelming but I’m very humbled and have so much gratitude and can only say thank you.”


Quote from Ben Shephard:

“It’s a privilege to be here, it’s brilliant to see him getting emotional and lost for words (and that doesn’t often happen) but I think it is testament to how important Brian has been to the community, how proud everybody is of what he has achieved.  The ultimate sacrifice challenge he did last year was extraordinary and what he is stepping up to do this year is bigger and I think that Ryan has caught Brian’s image brilliantly in this mural and it makes I really special. If you are walking through this underpass you might walk through without thinking and you come across the mural, you are going see the pictures and ask questions about who it’s for and what it is and see the poppies.  I just think for a community like this where the military is so important it’s such a wonderful tribute.”


Quote from Cllr M Steevens:

“I wanted to unite the community after the last couple of years and to show we have a great community spirit. This shows what can be achieved through perseverance both from what Brian has shown in his achievements and what a community can do.”


Quote from County Councillor Andy Tree:

“The Mural from Brian Wood MC has only become a reality as a direct result of the hard work and determination from Cllr Mike Steevens over a good number of months. It is Mike who went out and found the funding, organised the drawings and made today happen.”


Please follow the link below for a video of the unveiling and speeches

Unveiling of Woody’s Walk – video part 1 of 2 – YouTube main video 1 of 2

Unveiling of Woody’s Walk part 2 – YouTube 2 of 2

Brian Wood and Ben Shephard Interview – YouTube

Brian will shortly start his new challenge of 35 marathons in 35 days starting with the London marathon.

Here is the link to Brian’s fundraising page GivePenny | The Ultimate Sacrifice

More photos are on our Community Page: https://www.whitehilltowncouncil.gov.uk/community-and-events/woodys-walk-mural-in-honour-of-brian-wood-mc

Location of Woody’s Walk: https://www.google.com/maps/search/Woody’s+Walk/@51.113435,-0.8544847,13.25z