In February 2022 a water bottle refill station was installed at the skatepark. We understand that we are the first town locally to have this model installed and was paid for by S106 developer contributions.

Cllr Andy Tree (Leader of Whitehill Town Council) said: “Applying for S106 money paid by developers gives us the opportunity to deliver projects for residents across Whitehill & Bordon. It gives us great pleasure to be able to serve the users of our skatepark and also hopefully reduce plastic waste, where bottles can be re-used”

Cllr Phillip Davies (EHDC’s Assistant Portfolio Holder for Whitehill & Bordon) said: “For every home built in Whitehill & Bordon the developers make a contribution towards local infrastructure projects in the area. Whitehill Town Council’s excellent scheme to provide a water bottle filling station is the latest example of the benefits the regeneration project will bring to the town.”

“The water station is a great idea and will make the skatepark an even more attractive venue for young people to gather and practise their skills.”

Users of the skatepark are reminded to bring a re-usable bottle, in order to use the filling station.

The Whitehill & Bordon skatepark is managed and maintained by Whitehill Town Council and is owned by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

Official opening 29 July 2017

Whitehill & Bordon Skatepark

The skatepark in Bordon continues to be extremely popular since the official opening on Saturday 29 July 2017, when over 500 people gathered to see BMX Olympian Liam Phillips open the facility with Mayor of Whitehill and Bordon, Councillor Colin Leach.

“This really is a facility of which all the residents of Whitehill & Bordon can be very proud. After a lot of hard work undertaken by the Whitehill and Bordon regeneration Company, Whitehill Town Council is delighted to take over the management which is clearly proving popular with local residents”.

The Council would like to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the skatepark users and ask that everyone observes this guidance, especially during busy periods such as school holidays:

If using a car to travel to the skatepark, please park the vehicle considerately and in accordance with road traffic regulations.

Please can all parents remind younger users to be aware of traffic on surrounding roads whilst travelling to and from the site.

Bear in mind that there is a wide age range of young people using the facility and be respectful to each other on the equipment.

All users are asked to be sensitive to the environment and use the rubbish bins provided.

Please report any issues directly to Whitehill Town Council on 01420 473123,, or directly to the Police on 101.

Q: Why was the old skate park demolished?
A: Due to vandalism, however the skate park was due to be taken down as it was on land designated for the new Mill Chase Academy. The site was transferred from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to Hampshire County Council in August 2017.

Q: Why was the new skate park positioned on station road and Budds lane?
A: The skate park was located at the junction of Budds Lane and Station Road as this was felt to be a central point in the development, easily accessible for all, well located next to the proposed Mill Chase Academy and future youth facilities, but also sufficiently far away from residential properties so as not to cause disturbance.
The location will be visible from a number of routes, so well overlooked, and has great access into the Town’s Green Loop which will encourage access via walking and cycling.
The proposed Youth Activity Centre which will also be delivered by the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company will provide skate park users with access to facilities including a drinking water fountain, cafe and public toilets.

Q: Why is there no safety net around it?
A: The skate park has been designed with the local highways in mind. The way in which the skate park will be used in the areas closest to the road means that the ejection of play equipment such as skate boards is unlikely.

Q: Who has safety checked the skate park?
A: The skate park was inspected by the Play Inspection Company Ltd who are certified by the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII).

Q: What is the specification of the skate park / features?
A: The main features are:
– Grind Ledges – Rails – Steps – Manual Pads – Jump Box – Driveway/Apex Flat Banks – Hips – 4ft high, Bowled Mini-Ramp – 6ft high, 1/4 Pipe Extension

Q: Will there be bins?
A: Whitehill Town Council have installed three bins.

Q: Can we graffiti?
A: The council have employed a no graffiti policy.

Q: What are the opening hours of the skate park?
A: There are no designated opening hours for the skate park.

Q: Where is there parking?
A: A small provision for car parking will be provided on the playing field opposite the skate park on Budds Lane.

Q: Who is responsible for the skate park?
A: Whitehill Town Council are responsible for the skate park.

Q: Will there be landscaping and areas to sit?
A: The site has been landscaped and a bench provided for seating. The tank bollards also provide seating for spectators and the skate park users.

Q: What else is there for youngsters to do in the area?
A: With the Hogmoor Inclosure Natural Play Area, numerous playing fields, a BMX track, local children’s play parks, a swimming pool, Whitehill & Bordon offers a variety of facilities for youngsters