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Linda Delve, Yee Gan Ong, Kirsty Mitchell and Adeel Shah were co-opted onto Whitehill Town Council 12 Jan 2022.


Cllr Andy Tree (Leader of Whitehill Town Council) says:

“With so many important changes facing Whitehill & Bordon, I am proud to have such high calibre members strengthen what is already an amazing and dedicated team!

We strive to be the voice of our community with the powers above and to work on local projects to benefit fellow residents.


Health Provision is a NUMBER ONE priority and having Yee Gan Ong as a NHS doctor in the team will greatly enhance our ability to interact with the local NHS over local concerns, fighting for facilities we deserve! Linda has already championed Climate Awareness as a volunteer working with Town Council. Adeel Shah and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to which he belongs did a litter pick around the Forest Centre early on New Years Day, which made it into the Bordon Herald edition of 12 Jan! Kirsty in her own words has an interest in everything and is strong and focused!



“I’m already working in the local community on various projects with other groups and we have more in the pipeline. I’m a self-employed Foot Health Practitioner and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. My background is Finance/HR/PA and trained with ACAS. I’ve implemented Investors in People. I’m a good team player, but, also happy to work alone. I’ve helped to organise monthly Foot Health sessions with Forest Community Centre. My work ethic is Listen, Review, Take Action!”



“My son, dog and I have been residents of Whitehill and Bordon for the past four years. As a single parent with a young son, the environment in which my family live has become increasingly important to me and I am keen to in some way play a part in developing that environment. From clean, safe and open spaces to transportation, employment, medical facilities and sustainability – I have an interest in everything, not just for myself and my family, but for everyone in the community. I would very much like the opportunity to serve the residents of Hogmoor and the greater town as a whole and contribute to the excellent work of Whitehill Town Council.”



“My wife and I have lived in Whitehill since 2016. I would like to be involved in helping our town to improve and grow. I believe it has great potential with the planned regeneration. I am an NHS hospital doctor and I helped Andy Tree with some of the health messaging over the covid period. With my background in healthcare, I can help with health matters that might arise in the town council and other local health issues”



“I am a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I am Based mainly in Bordon but I also work throughout the UK (and the world) with the community, having worked in Ghana, sub-continent and other European countries too. In Bordon I have assisted with Poppy Appeal collections and we did a street cleaning programme on New Year’s Day! I look forward to many more charitable programmes in the future.”


‘Co-option’ involves the councillors themselves voting to fill vacancies, where in six months before the next ordinary local elections, no by-elections are called.