The Green Loop in Whitehill & Bordon

The Green Loop Drone video – Whitehill & Bordon


A video of Whitehill & Bordon’s Green Loop has been created to encourage residents and visitors to make use of the award-winning network of paths.
Filmed using drone technology, the video shows off the wooded glades, natural landscapes and way-finding features that make the loop such an attraction.

The film is a joint initiative led by Whitehill Town Council in partnership with Hampshire County Council, East Hampshire District Council, Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company.
Whitehill & Bordon’s Green Loop is 7km long encircling the town connecting the existing and new areas of the town together.

Promoting health by enabling active travel such as walking, cycling and accessible access is also a key factor of the Green Loop and the drone footage will further enhance this whilst showcasing the natural beauty of the town’s greenspaces.

The inter-connectivity of the Loop reduces car dependency in the area with links to local businesses and schools enabling people to walk rather than drive.