*** Whitehill Town Council (covering Whitehill & Bordon) has FROZEN its share of Council Tax per household, for the THIRD year running ***

*** Whitehill Town Council (covering Whitehill & Bordon) has FROZEN its share of Council Tax per household, for the THIRD year running ***
Times are tough. Costs have risen for families across Whitehill & Bordon.  We are fortunate that the additional houses added for paying council tax in previous years and the responsible decision we made to balance the books by increasing our share of council tax after coming to power in 2019 means we already have a very robust and financially secure council.  As a result, we can continue to freeze the share of council tax per household.  This is despite the fact the number of council tax payers has actually reduced slightly and so our overall council tax share request from EHDC is smaller (515,455 in 2023-24 and now 511,589 for 2024-25). This demonstrates our strong financial position.
This gives the same cost per household as last year: a band D of figure of £98.42 per annum, which is generally used as the official figure reported. However, most dwellings in Whitehill & Bordon are bands A, B and C, meaning most households will be paying the Band C figure or less, which is £87.48 per annum and thus a more accurate figure to use as the example.
We appreciate that the larger councils – Hampshire County Council and East Hampshire District Council – are highly likely to raise their share of council tax, hence feeling we must do our bit to support locally.
We continue to honour the pledge in our Strategic Plan adopted in 2020 to keep the grant aid fund at same level £54,000 (which includes major grant aid, minor grant aid and direct community fund).  This means we can continue to support important local organisations who provide for our residents, including paying Deadwater Valley Trust to manage Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve.
Details of recent grants awarded can be viewed here:
The town council long-term leases Bordon Inclosure (BI) and owns most of Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve (DVLNR).  Deadwater Valley Trust is paid by Town Council to manage them.  Our share of council tax is used for DVLNR and we have a long-term investment plan for BI, using developer contributions (S106 monies.)  A full list of what the town council does and is responsible for can be found here:
I am very proud that the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party has a proven track of financial astuteness and managing money in a way that effectively serves our residents and provides good value for money in the areas we control (i.e. in links above.)
The above decision on budget and precept (council tax) was made at the Whitehill Town Council meeting held on 14 Dec 2023.
Our Executive Committee (pictured here in Jan) initially reviewed and recommended the budget and precept request to Full Council on 7 Dec.