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East Hampshire District Council Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund

The grant fund is now open for third and final round (Closing on 16th August 2020). It is now open to businesses employing fewer than 50 people that have not qualified for other coronavirus-related grants – apply now to East Hampshire District Council. For more information and for the link to apply please click here.

Hampshire Library Service - Opening Times Consultation

Hampshire County Council are asking Hampshire residents for their views on changes to opening times at their local libraries. You can read a press release about this second consultation here.

The consultation on staffed opening hours will run from midday on 3 August and until 11:59pm on 17 August 2020 and Hampshire residents are invited to fill out the survey online at www.hants.gov.uk/library-consultation although there will be paper forms in libraries for residents who cannot access the form online. Groups or organisations interested in volunteering to extend the proposed hours are being encouraged to contact the Library Service by sending an email to: county.library.hq@hants.gov.uk.

The focus of this second consultation is on the 40 council-run libraries and the needs of those individual communities. We wish to hear from people who use their local libraries about the staffed opening hours which are the most important and the most useful to them. We anticipate that following this consultation the changes to opening times will be largely completed by January 2021.

East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) - Coronavirus and You Survey (deadline for response 23rd August 2020)

EHDC has launched an anonymous survey to assess the impact of coronavirus on local people. Feedback will be used to identify local support needs, help with signposting to assistance programmes and identity measures that will help with the recovery from the crisis. Further information can be found here.
Here is a direct link to the survey.



Please click here to access our information page on Coronavirus - Containing useful information and contacts for the Whitehill & Bordon Community

Whitehill Town Council will be closing its offices based in the Forest Community Centre on 24 March 2020 until further notice.

We have put together useful links and contact information to help the community of Whitehill & Bordon.

We will endeavour to update any information that becomes available to us.



Bring a face covering when visiting the shops from Friday (24 July)

Most of the shops in East Hampshire have now reopened to the public, with things in place to keep you safe such as screens or limits on the number of people who can enter the shop.
If you’re supporting your local shops and shopping safely, thank you.
Wearing face coverings in shops and supermarkets will become mandatory from tomorrow (Friday 24 July).
This will not apply to places where you would eat or drink such as restaurants, pubs or cafés.

Why should I wear a face covering?
Wearing a face covering will help protect others from you. If you have caught coronavirus but have not developed symptoms, the covering could reduce the chance of you passing it on.
Face coverings are not a replacement for keeping your distance from others and washing your hands.
It’s important that you wear and store your face covering properly. Make sure you wash or sanitise your hands before putting it on and after taking it off, avoid touching your face and store used face coverings in a plastic bag until you wash them.

Where can I get a face covering?
A face covering can be very simple and should cover your mouth and nose.
Lots of shops and brands are starting to sell their own face coverings or you could make your own.

What if I can’t wear one?
There are some circumstances, for health, age or equality reasons, where people cannot wear face coverings. Please be mindful and respectful of such circumstances and remember that some people are less able to wear them.

What if I don’t want to wear one?
If you do not wear a face covering, the shop you are visiting can refuse you entry.
The Police will have powers to issue £100 fines to people who do not wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets. 



Please note that Penns Place and the Forest Community Centre are closed until further notice.